High Frequency Induction Heating Machine
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15KW Split Type High Frequency Induction Heater DD-15II

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15KW Split Type High Frequency Induction Heater DD-15II


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Product features:
15kw Split Type High Frequency Induction Heater

1.Adopt advanced high-quality MOSFET pipe advanced frequency conversion technology to improve performance quality of the device.
2.Heating,heat preservation current,time can be set adjusted.
3.Simple convenient installation,can work after connecting to 220V power,water inlet, water outlet,professional installation is not required.
4.Small shape,light weight,simple operation,can be learned within several minutes.
5.Contain the multi-level protection display such as overvoltage,overcurrent, underwater.

Technical parameter:

Machine type: DD-15II
Maximum oscillation power: 15KVA
Input voltage range: Single phase 220V
Input voltage frequency: 50HZ-60HZ
Output oscillation frequency: 30KHZ-100KHZ
Maximum input current 32A
Heating, insulation \ Cooling time: 1S-99S
Duty cycle: 90%
Cooling water flow: 0.2Mpa more than 6L / MIN
Cooling water temperature: not exceed  45 degrees
Weight: Host:22.5Kg    extension: 13Kg

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